Our Djs


With nearly 20 years of experience behind him, DJ RAJ, aka BassRaja, has hundreds of performances under his belt and throws countless parties. Raj is known to do anything from underground to top 40 and everything in between.

DJ Raj is a familiar name in the DJ community in Iowa and beyond. He has been hustling for years, with his own roots going back well into the ’90s nightclub scene. He remains ever-growing, expanding, and consistently leaving his mark in many microcosms within the more general dance music community. He is known for his long-running monthly series like Ibiza, Barkandi, Taboo, Love Spell, International Friday, Soiree, and the more recent Iowa loves Bollywood Series. And let’s not forget his influential Des Moines-based production crew, Eclipse Ent. Fan Page/Ibiza/Eargasm and that not-so-little detail of being a Co-Owner of the Midwest renowned and continually evolving 515 Alive Music Festival, KOSMIC KINGDOM, and BASSLANDS. Raj’s goal is to elevate the hype in local nightlife and entertainment, which he regularly does, taking part in multiple shows every month. So get out on the dance floor and see how a man so short in height can move so many feet!


While studying at the University of Iowa, Davin Titus made his professional DJing debut at The Summit nightclub in Iowa City in January of 2018. Within 6 months and a lot of hard work to prove himself, he quickly climbed the ladder and became the famous Jungal’s main headliner. His dedication and ability to energize his audience brought about even more success.

Davin has since found himself DJing alongside famous acts such as DJ Drama, Ship Wrek, Throttle, Benzi, Slushii, Beauz, Fashen, Joe Maz, and Zack Martino. He has also been a star in the Chicago nightclub scene, having played regularly at some of Chicago’s top clubs, including Rocbar, Electric Hotel, Underground, Tunnel, Liqr Box, Joy District, and Soundbar.

This year, Davin continues to push his talents across many cities. He played at Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival as well as Dancefestopia Music Festival, having won the Yellow Brick Road tour competition in his city. Davin doesn’t plan to stop any time soon. His goal for the future is to continue learning and doing what he does best: creating memories for those around him.


DJ Avi is an up-and-coming DJ based in Des Moines, Iowa. He is the youngest DJ in lowa and has been making waves with his open format style
and cultural inclination towards Bollywood. He is a student of Actuarial Science and has been developing the fastest residency in lowa State. DJ Avi has played numerous private events and has been featured at annual events such as Nachtey Raho at Gabes lowa city and Gathey Raho at Eden Lounge in lowa City. He is currently rocking the summer patio parties at AJS on Friday and Saturday and is expanding his reach to Omaha, lowa city and es Moines. DJ Avi is also a great photographer, and you can follow him on Instagram for his photo work.

DJ Avi’s open format style allows him to seamlessly blend different genres of music and create a unique experience for his audience. He is known for his ability to mix Bollywood tracks with mainstream hits and keep the crowd on their feet.