DJ VisionBreak 

Junior, known as DJ VisionBreak, is a from Nebraska. He specializes in Top 40, Hip-hop, Electronic Dance Music and more. Adept at reading the crowd, he can keep a crowd dancing to a variety of genres for hours on end! He travels between Nebraska and Iowa for regular bookings at local Nightclubs in the Omaha, Ames and Des Moines Areas. He accepts bookings for private events, bars and nightclubs.

J Henny

The newest DJ in the scene Jalen, known as J Henny, has quickly made a name for himself after his debut on the radio in 2020. He is now regularly booked at local Nightclubs and bars in the Des Moines area. J Henny specializes in Top 40, Hip-hop and Dance Music. He accepts bookings for weddings, private events, bars, nightclubs and more. 


While studying at the University of Iowa, Davin Titus made his  professional DJing debut at The Summit nightclub in Iowa City in January of 2018. Within 6 months and a lot of hard work to prove himself, he quickly climbed the ladder and became the famous Jungal’s main headliner and playing alongside sone major names as well. While DJing mostly open format at his residency at The Summit, Davin added his own spin and instantly created a following with his love for house music, as well as his ever growing passion for all types of electronic music. Having started to learn to produce over the last year during COVID-19, Davin looks forward to furthering his career.  After an educational three and a half years with his residency at The Summit, Davin intends to move to Chicago where he will expand his DJing and Producing career. Titus specializes in a variety of genres and is sure to be a crowd pleaser. He accepts bookings for nightclubs, bars, festivals and more. 


Tito Rodriguez, known as ELKN, is an artist that became inspired by music after attending festivals around the country. Thus far, he has performed at multiple festivals himself: 515 Alive Music Festival, Kosmic Kingdom Music Festival, Basswoods Music Festival and Basslands. Additionally, ELKN has brought the House Music scene back to Des Moines by hosting a monthly event featuring only House Music. He specializes in House and Electronic Dance Music, while maintaining an open format style that ensures your crowd will be satisfied! He is the perfect DJ for any crowd – booking festivals, weddings, private events, bars, nightclubs and more.


Lexx Klinge, known as Mssn Cntrl, found his passion at the young age of 15. He attended the School of Audio Engineering Institute of Technology in Nashville, TN and now resides in Des Moines, IA. He produces Dub & left field, but is adept at playing a variety of genres. With a talent and ear for music, he is excellent at matching and elevating a crowd’s energy. He accepts bookings for weddings, private events, bars, nightclubs , festivals and more.

Casa Bonita

This is a dynamic electronic duo, consisting of ELKN & MSSN CNTRL,  based out of Des Moines, Iowa. They provide high intensity bass music accompanied by bass oriented dubstep with a sprinkle of ELKN’s roots, house music. This powerhouse duo recently won a national competition and will be playing at Dancefestopia Music Festival. They have booked opportunities at local Nightclubs and graced the stage to perform before a large crowd. They are now accepting bookings for private events, bars, nightclubs, festivals and more. 

DJ Joe P The Maestro

Joe Pendergast, known as DJ Joe P The Maestro, has been a long time DJ in Des Moines and has a personality that can light up a room! Half of Duo’s such as 2DOP3 and P n Church. He is also the namesake of a group called The J.A.M.R.S and his monthly show series The BASSberry Jam continues to grow. He got his start in pre-2000 as the DJ at the local skating rink and is now regularly booked in nightclubs and larger events. He was selected to play at a major music festival as well, Dancefestopia in 2021. He has a wide range of taste in music but always brings the good vibes and is sure to keep the party going. He is now accepting bookings for private events, bars, nightclubs and more.

Joonie C The Turntable Trucker 

Joonie C is a seasoned DJ who keeps the world and the turntables spinning! Truck driver by day and DJ by night, he has booked events all over the US. He is regularly booked at bars and nightclubs in Iowa. He is an open format DJ who knows how to keep a crowd moving. He is now accepting bookings for private events, bars and nightclubs.